Grant Applications and Application Form

Parish Council’s role

The primary intention of the Parish Council’s grant scheme is to support events, projects and items in the village. Grants may be available to support charitable or voluntary activities for organisations operating in or for the parish of West Harptree.

Criteria for funding

To be eligible for a grant your organisation must benefit the parish of West Harptree.  Applicants must demonstrate how the local community has been involved in their project and give evidence in their application that the project meets local needs and has local support.

To apply for a grant, you do not have to be a registered charity, if the work you do has charitable aims and you have a constitution (set of rules) and management committee.  If your organisation has its own bank account, it must have at least two signatories to authorise cheques.

Maximum grant per application

The maximum grant payable to any one individual/organisation will normally be less than £50 but more may be granted up to a maximum of £1,000 in exceptional circumstances based on the importance of the “project” to residents.

The right to ensure that any grant funds have been properly spent

A condition of any grant is that the Clerk reserves the right, on behalf of the Council, to inspect any purchases of furniture, materials and equipment, etc, or any building work that has been carried out, to verify that the grant has been used for the purpose authorised. This will usually be by the inspectoin of receipts for purchases and all receipts and copy invoices shoud therefore be retained for inspection by the Clerk.

1. Who can apply:

  • Clubs and societies;
  • Voluntary bodies and associations;
  • Non-profit making organisations;
  • Charities
  • Individuals

2. What can and can’t be applied for.

            You can apply for:

  • In order to qualify for a grant, applications must demonstrate a direct benefit to the West Harptree area, and all or some of its residents. 

            You can’t apply for:

  • Projects that have been completed.
  • For the promotion of political or religious beliefs or for illegal activities.
  • Organisations or charities operating abroad.
  • Grants or donations cannot be utilised to “sponsor” named individuals, e.g. aspiring sportsmen etc.

3. Formal requirements

  • All grant applications have to be accompanied by a fully completed application form, a financial statement (e.g. statement of accounts, income & expenditure).
  • Successful grant recipients will be required to provide evidence to the Parish Council of how the grant was spent. 
  • Recipients may be asked to acknowledge Parish Council support on stationery and promotional material where applicable.
  •  Local groups that are affiliated to regional or national organisations will qualify provided the local group is required to function substantially as an independent financial unit within the Parish area.
  • Where a “starter grant” is provided, the Parish Council will need to be satisfied that the organisation concerned has proposals to become self-supporting.
  • Where a grant is awarded towards a capital project, the organisation concerned should be able to demonstrate that it has clear plans for raising the remainder of the necessary finance.
  • Where a grant is given towards the purchase of equipment, an item(s) or as a contribution to building works etc., the grant will only be paid once an invoice has been received from the organisation concerned, or upon the production of other equivalent evidence to the satisfaction of the Clerk.
  • The Council reserve the right to withdraw or reclaim any monies given if the elegilibity criteria for, and conditions relating to grants have been breached.
  • Grants will not be paid where the service is normally provided directly by a principal Council, the Health Authority or Central Government.
  • Private concerns operated as a business to make a profit will not normally be granted aid, unless there is a demonstrable benefit for local employment.
  • Funds and support are provided on the basis that the Parish Council is not held responsible for any liabilities resulting from how the funds or support are used and is indemnified by the applicant for any such liabilities.

Application Form: