Notice of Highways Meeting and Road Closures

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21st Oct 2022

Dear All,

There is going to be a Highways meeting at West Harptree Memorial Hall on Monday 31st October at 7:30pm to discuss and ask for public feedback on the road safety options for the village.

Options highlighted for public consultation include

  • A short virtual footpath from the rec to stop at the White Rose on the main road.
  • A flashing speed light on entry to the village.
  • An engineering study by BANES to assess future safety measures. (speed control and pedestrian safety)

On the same evening, there may be road closures in the village as the meeting ends. The Parish Council have spoken to the work depot about our meeting and the roadworks, and they have assured us that we can be given access to join and leave the meeting on the evening.

Road Closures

Please note we have received the following notification of road closures:

Notice is given that Bath and North East Somerset Council in exercise of its powers under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 intends to make an order to the effect of which will be to temporarily introduce a road closure in that length of East Harptree Road, West Harptree from its junction with A368 The Street, extending south east to its junction with Coley Road / High Street. USRN: 47902097
This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road to allow safe access to underground structure for cable cleaning by Sunbelt Rentals on the 31st October 2022 for a maximum period of 6 nights. The road will only be restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and may not be effected for the whole of the period but only for so long as is necessary to execute the works. This is anticipated to be for FOUR NIGHTS between 21:00 – 06:00hrs.  
ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: B3114 (remainder) – A39 – A37 – A368 – B3114 – Vice Versa
Link to
Applicant Details: Paul Davies
Telephone: Sunbelt Rentals – 0370 050 0792

Kind regards,
Philip Edwards
Parish Council Clerk

  • Created: 21/10/2022