Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting, 26th September 2022, 7:30pm

Parish Council Clerk: Philip Edwards |

Present Councillors: C Gay, P Hutton (Vice Chairman), D Hooper, R Ireland (Chairman), J Mitchell, P Wood

Also Present: Janet Burdge, Former Clerk, Philip Edwards, Clerk and three members of the public.

Min. 4077 – Public Participation Session

Two members of the public presented their planning application and answered questions from the council.

Min. 4078 – Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr G Joyce.

Min. 4079 – Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests.

Min. 4080 – Confirmation of Minutes

RESOLVED: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Monday 11th July 2022 were confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.

Min. 4081 – Urgent Business as agreed by the Chair.

RESOLVED: to provide a £100 cash float to the Clerk for miscellaneous purchases such as meeting refreshments, stamps, consumables (GT85) etc.

Min. 4082 – Correspondence.

Noted: See appendix of correspondence

Min. 4083 – Clerk Appointment

  1. RESOLVED: To appoint Philip Edwards as Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer for West Harptree Parish Council per the conditions of employment specified in the contract of employment, a copy of which has been emailed to councillors. The contract was signed by the Chairman of the meeting and Philip Edwards.
  2. RESOLVED: To add Philip Edwards to the Bank Mandate and update other signatories as necessary.
  3. RESOLVED: Regular payment by monthly standing order to Philip Edwards of monthly salary net of tax along with the monthly expenses allowance agreed by the contract.
  4. RESOLVED: Regular payment of PAYE tax and NI where applicable by direct debit to HMRC.

Min. 4084 – General Power of Competence:

RESOLVED: The Parish Council resolved to adopt the general power of competence having met the conditions of eligibility as defined in the Localism Act 2011 and SI 965, The Parish Councils (General Power of Competence)(Prescribed Conditions) Order 2012. (See appendix for details)

Min. 4085 – Bank Mandate

RESOLVED: To add Philip Edwards to the Bank Mandate and update other signatories as necessary.

Min. 4086 – Defibrillator at the Memorial Hall

RESOLVED: To purchase a defibrillator and cabinet for the Memorial Hall. Quotation £2144 +VAT, Heartsine 500P, to order from Great Western Air Ambulance trust.

Min. 4087 – Hall hire cost for Big Choices on Buses meeting

RESOLVED: To share the cost of the hall hire for the bug choices on buses meeting, maximum payment £15 per Parish.

Min. 4088 – Somerset Archives and Local Studies Centre, Taunton

RESOLVED: to archive non-current Parish Council documents with delivery by secure parcel delivery at a cost of about £15.

Min. 4089 – Memorial Hall

Cllr P Hutton reported that bookings for the hall were generally good, but noted that cinema bookings had taken a hit since the covid pandemic. Administrative tasks were progressing in the background regarding tasks and responsibilities.

Min. 4090 – Highways, Pavements and Public Rights of Way

  1. It was agreed to hold a public meeting to discuss Phase II of the 20 mph project on Monday 31st October, 7.30pm.
  2. Cllr D Hooper reported on flooding on Ridge Crescent since the resurfacing work and is liaising with BANES to resolve.
  3. An application for a temporary suspension of parking on the main road, some time during the next 18 months, was noted. (see correspondence)

Min. 4091 – Recreation Ground

  1. The play equipment inspection was noted by the council. Cllrs G Joyce & J Mitchell will check on site to assess any remedial action.
  2. Cllrs G Joyce & J Mitchell will check on on the gate closure spring. It was suggested a stop on the gate may improve the gate.
  3. An adventure trail was discussed as an option to consider on the recreation ground. Cllr J Mitchell will investigate options.

Min. 4092 – Bus Shelter

Cllr Hutton reported on the completion of the Bus Shelter refurbishment/roof replacement. Brazillian slate has been fitted front and back on the roof, there are new roof slats, light works and a fascia. Volunteers will be sought to help paint the interior of the bus shelter. The final invoice may be up to £50 more than quoted due to additional works.

Min. 4093 – Local Plan Partial Update

Cllr J Mitchell has reviewed the inspectors report and recommended that there is nothing for the parish council to add.

Min. 4094 – Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Funding.

It was noted that the cost of the bus shelter, defibrillator and Phase 2 of the footpath would be met from CIL reserves. It was noted that there is also a bench in the park to consider as spend from CIL reserves.

Min. 4095 – Ward Councillor’s Report

Dst Cllr David Wood sent his apologies for abscence and sent a written report which was reviewed by the council – see appendix.

Min. 4096 – Planning Matters

This item of business was moved to proceed Min 4084 by the Chairman

Consultation request:
Application Reference22/02649/FUL
Application Address: Edgehill Farm , South Widcombe, Hinton Blewett, Bristol, Bath And North East Somerset, BS40 6BN
Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension following demolition of existing extension; alterations to exisiting single storey side extension; replacement of existing timber door with glazed door; conversion of existing outbuilding to residential annex and associated alterations.

RESOLVED: The Parish Council supports this application subject to appropriate conditions as follows:

  1. Cladding and roofing materials should be submitted for approval before commencement of the works.
  2. The residential parts of the property are not to be subdivided or sublet.
  3. An external lighting scheme should be submitted for approval before commencement of the works.

Min. 4097 – Finance

RESOLVED: To agree payment of the following invoices:-

  • Rospa Playsafety Ltd, Annual inspection, play equipment £ 88.20
  • Soltech IT Ltd, Annual domain name and hosting Payment £ 48.00
  • Philip Edwards, September salary £ 396.59 (in future to be paid by monthly standing order, to commence 25th October 2022)
  • Philip Edwards, monthly expense allowance £ 26.00 (in future to be paid by monthly standing order, to commence 25th October 2022)
  • Philip Edwards £100.00 for council cash float
  • Mrs J Burdge, Clerk’s wages, Inv 21/9/22 £1,381.90
  • Mrs J Burdge, Clerk’s expenses. Inv 21/9/22 £62.23
  • Mrs J Burdge, Clerk’s wages, Inv 30/6/22 £1,381.90 (rejected cheque to be re-issued)
  • Mrs J Burdge, Clerk’s expenses. Inv 30/6/22 £62.66 (rejected cheque to be re-issued)

Noted: receipt of annual Wayleave payments 1/9/22 £36.30 total

Min. 4098 – Meetings attended

There was no report on meetings attended.

Min. 4099 – Items for the attention of the Clerk.

  • The Chairman thanked Jan Burdge the retiring Clerk for her 20 years of service and her time, effort and patience in supporting the Council and Chairman.
  • A request was made to the Clerk to set up email notifications to all members for planning updates.
  • It was reported that the Blue Bowl will be under new ownership, and needs to be deregistered as an emergency safe place with B&NES.

Date of next meeting: Monday 10th October 2022.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 21:05

Agreed as a correct record,
signed by the Chairman of the meeting: _______________________ Date:_______________
(Chairman initial all other pages)