Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 9th January 2023, 7:30pm

Parish Council Clerk: Philip Edwards |

Councillors Present: P Hutton (Vice Chairman), D Hooper, R Ireland (Chairman), G Joyce, J Mitchell
Also Present: Philip Edwards (Clerk)

4131. Public Participation Session

There were no members of the public present at the meeting

4132. Apologies for Absence

Apologies for absence were received from Cllr P Wood

4133. Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests

4134. Confirmation of Minutes

RESOLVED: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Monday 12th December 2022 were confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.

4135. Reports

(a) Chairman’s Report

  • The Chairman highlighted the upcoming Parish Council elections in May and the importance of encouraging interested members of the public to contact the Clerk about standing for election.
  • The Clerk was requested to publicise the election via facebook.

(b) Clerk’s Report

  • Noted: Correspondence listed in the appendices
  • The AED pack has been ordered for the defibrillator
  • Arrangements for the internal audit in April have been confirmed

(c) Meetings attended

  • There were no reports on meetings attended

(d) Memorial Hall

  • Buildings and contents insurance arrangements were confirmed by the Hall committee
  • The radiators are about to be serviced
  • The website will be having a refresh and update
  • The finances are in a healthy position
  • The Hall’s first wedding is booked for this year

(e) Highways

  • Cllrs J Mitchell and R Ireland are overseeing highways issues, including liaising with BANES officers regarding options on the highways brief for the BANES consultant.
  • Various highways issues have been reported via fix my street, including pot holes on the Bristol Road towards the Blue Bowl and a broken sign on B3114 on the bottom of Bristol Road.
  • There are three new volunteers joining the speedwatch team.
  • The police were present recently in the village with mobile speed cameras and have been seen visiting approximately on a monthly basis.
  • Cllrs J Mitchell and R Ireland will liaise with BANES officers regarding removing the broken speed sign.

(f) Recreation Ground

  • RESOLVED: Approval of grass cutting quotation from BANES for the recreation ground for 2023-24 (email of two quotations sent to councillors on 3/1/23)

(g) Ward Councillor’s Report

  • Apologies for absence were received from BANES District Cllr David Wood

4136. Finance

(a) Payments and income – see appendix 2023-01 Finance Reports

  1. RESOLVED: payments to approve listed in finance report
  2. Noted: payments and Income listed in finance report
  3. RESOLVED: Approval of bank reconciliation – checked and signed by Cllr G Joyce

4137. Planning applications

There were no outstanding consultation requests to resolve.
Noted: updates to previous consultation responses, including refusal of ref 22/04026/FUL: Land To South Of Widcombe Lodge, South Widcombe, Hinton Blewett

4138. Policies for review

  • RESOLVED: Approved: Risk Management Scheme
  • RESOLVED: Approved: Delegation to Clerk for Exceptional Circumstances with £1000 expenditure limit
  • RESOLVED: Approved: Grant awarding policy and application form

4139. Items for attention of the Clerk

  • The council requested the Clerk to add the new recreation ground fencing to the asset list
  • Flooding on the road by the village hall was reported to BANES via fix my street.

4140. Date of Next Meeting

RESOLVED: Date of next meeting: Monday 20th February 2023, 7.30pm at West Harptree Memorial hall.

Future dates noted, including 17th April and May elections, see diary:

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 20:20

Agreed as a correct record,
signed by the Chairman of the meeting: _______________________ Date:_______________
(Chairman initial all other pages)