Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 14th November 2022, 7:30pm

Parish Council Clerk: Philip Edwards |

Councillors Present: P Hutton (Vice Chairman), D Hooper, R Ireland (Chairman), G Joyce, J Mitchell, P Wood
Councillors Absent: C Gay
Also Present: Philip Edwards (Clerk), David Wood (Ward Councillor) and one member of the public.

4108. Public Participation Session

A member of the public gave representation regarding supply of the defibrillator for the village hall.

4109. Apologies for Absence

There were no apologies for absence.

4110. Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of disclosable pecuniary or personal interests.

4111. Confirmation of Minutes

RESOLVED: The Parish Council meeting minutes of Monday 10th October 2022 were confirmed as an accurate record and signed by Chairman.

4112. Reports

(a) Chairman’s Report

  • The Chairman reported that the triangle had been replanted.
  • The Chairman reported on actions required following the highways meeting:
    • District Councillor Wood agreed to liaise with highways officers regarding the consultation stage.
    • Cllr D Hooper agreed to liaise with police regarding possible locations for a vehicle speed sign.
    • The Clerk and Cllr D Hooper agreed to send further emails to the community regarding volunteers for the speedwatch

(b) Clerk’s Report

  • A report was receieved from the Clerk confirming:
    • A QR code has been added to the agendas to promote the PC newsletter
    • A visitor counter has been added to the website
    • An email regarding avian flu on Chew Valley Lake has been distributed

(c) Meetings attended

There were no reports on meetings attended

(d) Memorial Hall

It was reported that bookings were going well for the Memorial Hall and that roles had been assigned.

(e) Highways

The resurfacing of the main road was highlighted and the high quality of resurfacing was noted resulting in quieter traffic. The abscence of a central white line had been highlighted to highways and the response was that the configuration was correct for the road. It was noted that cars parked on the new hatched area on the junction near the recreation ground worked to slow down traffic.

A pothole on the Bristol Rd was reported and added to Fix my Street.

(f) Recreation Ground

The play equipment highlighted in the inspection report as a possible point of concern for internal rust investigation had been checked by Cllr J Mitchell. Cllr J Mitchell reported that this bar was completely sealed from external weathering by welded seams and so no internal rust was expected. The council concluded that no further action was required. It was noted that some of the equipment may benefit from painting in the spring of 2023.

(g) Ward Councillor’s Report

A report was receieved from BANES District Cllr David Wood as shown in the appendix. It was noted that the boundary reviews would not change the district council boundaries for BANES. Flooding issues from drains on the Bristol Road along with flooding outside the Cottage near the Blue Bowl were reported by Cllr P Wood to Dst Cllr Wood.

4113. Finance

Payments to approve – One item of business, the payment to approve for the defibrillator, was moved by the Chairman to proceed item 4110 – declarations of interest

(a) Payments and income – see appendix 2022-11 Finance Reports

  1. RESOLVED: The 2022-23 NJC pay agreement was confirmed per Clerk contract of employment back dated to Sept 2022
  2. RESOLVED: payments to approve listed in the finance reports
  3. Noted: payments and Income
  4. Noted: bank reconciliation
  5. Noted: Year to date spend against budget

(b) Budget and Precept review

The budget planning for 2023/24 with precept requirements was reviewed for resolution at the December 2022 meeting.

4114. Planning applications

  • Recent planning application updates were noted.
  • The council requested the Clerk to submit a comment objecting to application reference: 22/04026/FUL,  Land To South Of Widcombe Lodge.
  • The council requested the Clerk to submit a comment supporting planning reference: 22/02816/COND Stratford Mill, Stratford Lane, West Harptree. Proposal: Discharge of condition 2 of application 19/00692/FUL.
  • Cllr J Mitchell offered to send a draft response for both applications to the Clerk for submission.

4115. Policies for review and adoption

  • The Clerk was requested to add document creation dates to these documents in addition to the existing approval dates.
  • The Clerk was requested to review insurance values for the asset register and update the asset register to show the Vehicle Activated Speed Sign as disposed of due to the asset no longer functioning or repairable.

The following items of business were postponed to be reviewed at a later date:

  • Review and approval of asset register
  • Review and approval of risk management scheme
  • To approve: Delegated Powers re Planning
  • To approve: Delegation to Clerk for Exceptional Circumstances
  • Review and approval of Grant awarding policy and application form

4116. Items for attention of the Clerk

It was noted that Cllr P Wood would be buying compost for the triangle and would be providinng the Clerk with an expense receipt.

4117. Date of Next Meeting

RESOLVED : Date of next meeting: Monday 12th December 2022, 7.30pm at West Harptree Memorial hall.

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 21:03

Agreed as a correct record,
signed by the Chairman of the meeting: _______________________ Date:_______________
(Chairman initial all other pages)