Tree Surgery – Ash die back report

BANES have been informed that the Parish Council has contacted tree surgeons to quote for any necessary remedial work to a tree with possible Ash die back on the recreation ground causing a potential hazard for the highway. BANES will look at the tree in May with a view to providing a possible quotation to fell the tree.

Advice received includes waiting until the summer when foliage can be observed to ascertain degree of damage that the tree may have suffered.

Recommended solutions include eventual felling of the tree.

Joe Ashman +447788193135


Paul’s tree surgery


Fell to ground level and remove all arisings. The tree will require the use of a Mobile
elevated platform to allow us to dismantle it safely. we would also use two way traffic
lights on the east harptree rd for the works. The quote includes all the relevant
licences and applications being obtained from streetworks. The work would also
need to wait until ground conditions were suitable in the recreation ground to allow
access for the Mewp.

Total Value: £1,550.00
Vat(20%): £310.00
Total Inc Vat: £1,860.00

Paul’s Tree Services:

Hi Phillip. 

I had a look at the ash tree at West Harptree, its dropped a couple of small branches which is resting in the field hedge. It is showing signs of early ash die back, 

My advice would be to take it down, 

My quote would be £1150 which includes a set of traffic lights for one day. 

Thanks Paul 

Paul’s tree services 


Dom Leach is officer to contact for Quote. Rich Joseph is Ash Die Back Officer

  • Posted: 6th February 2024