West Harptree Parish Council

West Harptree Parish Council

This page allows you to download information of planning notices in the local area.

For more specific information please visit the BANES Website and search for the planning reference found within each document.

All files are in PDF format, and can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the file.

Planning Applications

Filename Date Uploaded Size of File
PlanningApplication1900108VAR.pdfThu, Jan 17, 20190.34MB
PlanningApplication1900074FUL.pdfSun, Jan 13, 20190.15MB
PlanningApplication1805724FUL_and _1805725LBA.pdfFri, Jan 04, 20190.17MB
PlanningApplication1804503FUL.pdfFri, Oct 12, 20180.09MB
PlanningApplication1802770FUL.pdfFri, Jul 06, 20180.17MB
PlanningApplication1802543FUL.pdfMon, Jun 18, 20180.28MB
PlanningApplication1801678FUL.pdfThu, Apr 19, 20180.50MB
PlanningApplication1800416LBA.pdfMon, Feb 05, 20180.14MB
PlanningApplication1706123ASNCOU.pdfSat, Dec 23, 20170.18MB
PlanningApplication1705532FUL.pdfWed, Nov 29, 20170.13MB
PlanningApplication1705020VAR.pdfWed, Oct 18, 20170.17MB
PlanningApplication1704763VAR.pdfFri, Oct 13, 20170.10MB


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