West Harptree Parish Council

West Harptree Parish Council

This page allows you to download all of the recent minutes and meeting notes.

They are all in PDF format, and can be downloaded by clicking on the name of the file.


To download a copy of the next agenda, please click on the button to the right.

Minutes and Meeting Notes

Filename Date Uploaded Size of File
October_2018.pdfThu, Oct 18, 20180.10MB
September_2018.pdfFri, Sep 21, 20180.10MB
July_2018.pdfSat, Jul 21, 20180.11MB
June_2018_Additional_Planning_Meeting.pdfSun, Jul 15, 20180.12MB
June_2018.pdfSun, Jul 15, 20180.10MB
May_2018.pdfThu, May 24, 20180.11MB
Annual_Parish_Meeting_2018.pdfThu, May 24, 20180.08MB
April_2018.pdfMon, Apr 16, 20180.12MB
March_2018.pdfTue, Mar 20, 20180.09MB
January_2018.pdfSun, Feb 18, 20180.09MB
December_2017.pdfFri, Dec 22, 20170.10MB
November_2017.pdfMon, Nov 20, 20170.10MB
October_2017.pdfWed, Oct 18, 20170.11MB
September_2017.pdfWed, Sep 20, 20170.14MB
July_2017.pdfTue, Jul 18, 20170.11MB
June_2017.pdfWed, Jun 21, 20170.12MB
May_2017 .pdfFri, May 19, 20170.09MB
Annual_Parish_Meeting_2017.pdfFri, May 19, 20170.08MB
April_2017.pdfWed, Apr 19, 20170.12MB
March_2017.pdfWed, Mar 22, 20170.09MB